Building Measurements

Dimensions offers a full range of planning and design services for property managers, owners and tenants. We specialize in Laser Building Surveys, producing laser accurate plans for better area management.

By way of detailed area measurements, we can help you recognize the full value of your properties. Our Building Survey services range from single suite area certifications, to full building surveys in accordance with the common industry standards.

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Our Building Measurements Services

Laser Measured Floor PlansLaser Measured Floor Plans

Accurate, precise floor plans of your existing facilities. Surveys can encompass a single suite or an entire building or complex. Their complexity and detail can be tailor suited to your needs.

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Area CertificationsArea Certifications

Used in leasing to “certify” the rentable area of a given space. Using current BOMA standards, which ensure a fair allocation of all building areas, we can often provide a significant financial advantage to the property manager or owner when the time comes for lease renewal.

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Leasing PlansLeasing Plans

Leasing plans create a representation of the occupied and available spaces on a floor or within a determined area. Full Floor Master Plans for internal use or individual suite vacancy plans for marketing purposes. A set of Leasing Plans can be an invaluable tool for a leasing team.

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BOMA Global Area AnalysisBOMA Global Area Analysis

The BOMA Standards of measuring have become an industry standard for commercial Buildings. A Global Area Analysis takes into consideration all rentable areas of a building.

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Site PlansSite Plans

Schematic site plans for marketing and leasing purposes are a simple representation of the site plan. We use existing plans, on site measurements and online maps to create these plans.

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Life Safety PlansLife Safety Plans

Life Safety and evacuation plans are a critical part of every buildings fire safety program. Once we have the base building drawings created, we can input the required fire and safety equipment locations and exits.

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Our Past Building Measurements Projects

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